We believe in the power of great design and its effects on the way you live every day.  We craft interesting, soulful spaces with the perfect blend of design and purpose.  

Home is a place better felt than described. We believe that we are our best selves in spaces which make us feel at ease and inspire us with beauty and calm. Always influenced by an old world feel and timeless touch, we challenge ourselves to listen carefully then refine and interpret your unique story across all the walls of your home. 


Interior Design

When construction has completed, we will schedule a time with the receiving house to deliver and install all items. The installation process normally takes anywhere from 1-4 days. We will have our entire team on site to answer questions, place items perfectly, style every element, iron every drape and ensure all looks wonderful.  
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The Process

Through our detailed questionnaires, we get to know you and your family and begin to understand your lifestyle and values as well as style and budget. We will also get to know your space; What you love about it, what you don't and what your dreams for the space(s) are.  

We will examine the architectural details of the home, overall flow, natural light and a whole lot of other factors so that we can take full advantage of the space and showcase all of the important details throughout our next steps together. 
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Phase two is made up of four sub-phases and is the phase in which we will spend the most design time together.  

PHASE I : feel & flow
PHASE II : hard finishes and plans
PHASE III : specialty fixtures and finishes
PHASE IV : budget & decisions
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Once approved, we will begin our procurement and purchasing process, whereby we not only manage the purchasing, but also track items, keep up with delays and due dates and source a receiving company for you to ensure quality control. Items will usually ship to a receiving facility where they are checked for quality, repacked and kept safe until installation day.  
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